Dr. van Heerden welcomes speaking engagements on the topic of surgical periodontal therapy and evidence-based decision-making in dentistry.

He is available to speak internationally to groups of physicians, dentists, hygienists, assistants and educators, as well other interested groups. Please email us for more information.

Dr. van Heerden is a qualified periodontist who specialises in dental implants and oral medicine. He has been involved in the field of implantology for the past 25 years and has placed approximately 15,000 implants.

Concerned with fitness and wellbeing, Hans van Heerden is a keen marathon runner and mountaineer. He is also a wine and art collector.

He is well-versed in the following topics:
• Surgical periodontic therapy
• Evidence-based decision-making in dentistry
• Oral Medicine
• Dental Implants